.gurl or woman.

she is talkative.
like to laugh.
but sometimes
become a quite silent
when somethings running in her mind
quite arrogant
when she doesn't know
that person
she hate to being in conflict she love to cared about every
one feelings
hard to believe others
although she looks alike
a mysterious person
hold everything that hurting her deep inside only talk about it with someone that she already trust
and its about time

she loved to share everything
but not her sadness and her beloved one
always being called as a naive
because she just hear everything what had been said by her friends
sometimes become a little candid
about her feeling to other
a bit clumsy
when she nervous
and become matured in some situation

she loved to be herself
and now she is wondering either she still called as a girl or woman
because she start thinking about her love, future and marriage

*love path of her. the way that have to go.*

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